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Default Re: Godlike Abilities [Powers]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Interesting, so 10 FP/ER per turn is probably the best results by RAW.

On another note, another interesting godlike ability is TK 30 (Cosmic, +50%; Increased Range 46, +460%; Reflexive, +40%; Reliable, +10, +50%; Super-Lifting, +400%; Super-Striking, +900%) [3000]. At that level, you could strike with an effective ST of 200,000, dealing 20,000d of crushing damage, or lift an object with a weight of 4 megatons, at a distance of 1.9 ly. If you want to destroy planets, just double the level to TK 60, for 6000 CP, and you can do it from a distance, unlike those poor slobs that actually have to stand on planets to destroy them.
Super-Striking includes normal Super-Effort. Note the description. It specifically says you can also use it on strikes. So for the same price, you could actually get TK 50 (All of your modifiers, +1000%) [2750], which should put you in planet-busting range.
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