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Default Re: The difference between "defeating" and "killing."

Originally Posted by Blazinjsin View Post
Another fun strategy is holding on to some GUAL cards until you are fighting at level 7 or so when nobody has saved any hate for youthen when you've established that no one can stop you from killing the monster, play enough GUAL cards to hit level 9 and kill the monster for the win. It doesn't win you friends, but it wins the game lol
Of course, you still need to give them reasonable time to stop you after you played the GUALs too. There are cards they may not have wanted to play before that they will definitely want to play after you level up. I think you probably knew this already, but it might give others the wrong impression if we don't mention it.

Originally Posted by helium_wong View Post
I know that we can use a lose a Level Curse in (not after) a normal (i.e., just compare Combat Strength) game-winning combat. Can we use that Curse in such instant-kill situation as descripted by OP too?

The Smoke That Strangles only gives automatic victory over a monster. It does not contain any text that implies it ends the combat, so the combat is not over yet, despite there being no monsters remaining. Thus, the reasonable time period before the combat officially ends must be observed and Wandering Monster or a curse are perfectly valid plays during that time.
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