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Default Re: Dwarven Governance & Economics?

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
I'm going to suggest that Hilaire Belloc's discussion of "distributism" in The Servile State may be relevant to what you're looking at.
Thanks Bill. I must admit, I was banking on a contrabution from you. I have learnt to appreciate the depth and breadth of your reading. Will definitely check it out, but on initial glance it is exactly what I was hoping to use as a basis for dwarven society and economics.

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
The idea of distributism is that you have a deliberate policy of enabling as many people as possible to be small property holders. Dwarves seem to be an intensely propertarian race, so this could fit them.
I am reminded of the Byzantine limits on property ownership, in order to (AFAIK) hobble the political power of those with a large amount of cash.

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
I'm thinking that mines might work somewhat along the lines of the old putting out system. You don't actually have "workers"; you have a mine developer who plans the operations, and you have dwarvish households that contract to work in a given min according to specifications. How much a household makes depends on its productivity.

But I suspect that at least the mining dwarves are likely to have something like the Freemasons—a mutual aid setup that insures against death, disability, and injury. Mining is a dangerous trade, after all.
This definitely works for me. And it helps establish the family/extended family as an economic unit.
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