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Default Re: Dwarven Governance & Economics?

Dwarven property law is indeed likely to be extremely well developed. I actually could see dwarven kingdoms as being a sort of companies: they are means of production as much as they are means of living. The "King" looks that way to the humans because the entire "kingdom", or project, is his hole in the mountain, in a property sense as much as a political sense.

Dwarves will need some way of deciding three dimensional property law. Mineral rights are probably swallowed up in that portion.

Dwarves have always been depicted as having a fairly classless society, with the exception of the king. I have also noticed that as soon as you remove other races for dwarves to trade with they don't seem to act like dwarves anymore. My theory (which I usually use) is that dwarves form a middle class of artisans and bankers with a slightly lower class of miners where ever they go. The issue isn't that dwarves are classless, its that they gravitate to a specific class in other people's structures.
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