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Default Re: Ogre Grand Massive Campaign

Originally Posted by schoon View Post
Fun idea, and well worth developing!

Just be careful with your game balance, so the winner of early scenarios doesn't create a landslide in later ones.
One trick I've tried with some success is to let the campaign progress influence the quality of replacements – so in the final fight it's the OGREs versus the other side's cooks and bottlewashers, but a lot of cooks and bottlewashers. Thus the individual tactical games are still reasonably balanced but there's a visible benefit to winning.

Some sort of "ladder" setup can work well, pushing forces back and forth as ground is gained and lost. In particular, you can say that a particular spot on the ladder is played as a particular scenario: in the middle may be a meeting engagement, but by the time you get towards one end or the other the attackers are having to take on prepared positions and having a much harder job of it. (You could even give a winner the option to consolidate and lock in their gains, or to push on straight away…)
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