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Default Symbol magic example

There's an example of "emergency symbol-casting" in GURPS Magic, page 207. I'm wondering if it contains an error.

The main text on that page describes the several ways one can cast symbol magic, including writing on parchment, tracing in the air, and drawing symbol tokens. In each case, and for each symbol, the caster roll the lower of that symbol's skill and Symbol Drawing. Afterward, the caster must activate the drawn symbols with the lowest of Symbol Drawing and any of the symbols skills used. That's a minimum of three rolls per spell.

However, the example of Fergus drawing true symbol tokens suggests only one roll is necessary. He draws two wands at random, then rolls once against the lowest of his Symbol Drawing and symbol skills.

Looking at GURPS Vikings, which I know is a third-edition text, it says no roll is needed for individual runestones; they succeed automatically.

Was the automatic success of symbol tokens left out of the text? Is it there but I missed it? Is it not correct and the example is wrong? How many rolls do you make when drawing symbol tokens?
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