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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Leg kicks wouldn't be such a big deal if we could just use the focused defense rules to cover the legs :)
I actually was referring to the extra damage and reach. The weakness of boxers to leg attacks feels like it belongs in combat sport to me, not actual combat, and I'd be fine just getting rid of that rule: If you're a real unarmed fighter, you know how to protect your legs.

Lessee, referred to as grazes here... "Ten Tweaks to Customize Combat" from 3/34 I think.
Ok, read it. 34 is a really important pyramid issue. I'm remembering a much more simplistic rule that really only works for guns: the pyramid version is better for everything but projectiles that do lots of damage (the version I remember just says "It did 1 damage").

I think if you are making a slam, the attack AP probably counts as your deceleration AP.
I'd agree with that, I think. In some cases that will let you slow down using only 1 AP, but if they dodge you, you don't exactly stop moving, so you still have to spend AP to stop

Slams are already inherently better than accidental collisions I think because they can gain a +2 damage from an All-Out Attack but that's not much help to non-attacking guys.
All out attack is really marginal though, and the benefit won't apply every time.

The latter seems to be what isn't covered, and that almost sounds like perhaps if you were targeting the hex itself (+4) with perhaps a random chance of hitting people in it (you don't care which part of the hex you step through) where people could easily move out of the way. You could probably telegraph it (you don't care if they dodge) but it would work better with more incremented rules of making it harder for low-ST guys to "parry" slams.
Targeting the hex... thats still targeting though, and possibly deserving of AP. I suppose the effects of the "unaimed slam" need the following questions answered:
  • Are you as likely to hit the target if they don't move?
  • Does the target have an easier time moving out of the way?
  • Does the target expend energy to move into your way?
  • Should a penalty to winning the contest be given to the "slammer"?

There is always the rule that could can't parry more than your basic lift in ST of weapon weight... but I find that rule a bit weak, especially with natural weapons like slams (where you've got to beat their basic lift with your ST score). I've previously looked at constructing house rules where parrying people much stronger than yourself and with heavier weapons gives a penalty to parrying, but I've never really solidified it.

The weird thing about that, is you have people perfectly moving aside (if they don't desire to obstruct) of these utter giants.... people cooperating in perfect harmony, teammates never bumping into each other as they try to step past each other in combat to alternate hitting some enemy...
Yeah, that's kind of a murphy rule.

You mean like 'make a will check not to collide non-slammingly with the enemy' akin to 'make a will check not to spend AP to avoid a HT check from strangulation' ?
Yeah, pretty much. Good example.
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