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That's a rules change/addition that I'd not make as a requirement to play the setting. There are already three things to watch for: mana, nature's strength, sanctity. I think that's enough, and that the game needs to be kept in tune with the core box rules for maximum portability. My mission with the Dungeon Fantasy RPG is "write to the rules" not "rewrite the rules."

It would be a fine house rule or option, but I won't be adding it to my published material.
It probably would make things too complex for Dungeon Fantasy but it would be cool for regular GURPS DF. I love lots of powers. I am sort of sad psionics got cut out. As far as faerie go though I have been trying to make something like glamour levels to represent how strong the faerie energy is in the mortal realm. I feel it is the connection of the mortal world to the faerie realm, the higher the level the stronger it is. The glamour level goes up on full moons and on holidays like Halloween. The higher the glamour level the easier it is for faerie to enter into the mortal realm and the easier it is for them to make magical items and contraptions or spin straw into gold. In high glamour areas a faerie could make a contraption that flies out of leaves and sticks while when the glamour level falls the contraption becomes just ordinary materials. A Wizard will know glamour is made of magic but it would not be in a form where his spells would be able to capture it.
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