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Default Re: Nordlond: The Citadel at Nordvorn

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
I had bought the Hall of Judgement on Kickstarter but I had not been able to read it until now. I am very impressed with the fairy races (Nordalfar). I think the fairy veil really fits well with keeping the fairy hidden and also the idea that the fairy can go back to the fairy realm too. I also like that they are dependent on mana and are affected by iron. I really hope there is more fairy stuff in the new project, especially going into their realm from Nordland.
I'm glad you like it. The upcoming Citadel at Nordvorn has a segment of the . . . call it a relationship web . . . that extends into the Hunted Lands. There will certainly be at least one encounter there.

The following two adventures are set farther to the East in Nordlond, into the Dragongrounds.

I am definitely thinking of some 16-page stuff in the future (like 2020, 'cause my 2019 is freakin' booked!) that will be more faerie encounters, so one can mix and match. I've also got an idea for a giant adventure path like thing called "The Veiddarlond," or "The Hunted Lands" that will basically be "all faerie, all the time."
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