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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
I would definitely pop for a Cidri Worldbook, whether it was GURPS or TFT (though, frankly, I'd prefer TFT). And all the things that others have mentioned about Cidri that made it memorable are exactly what I liked too.

On a lot of the house rules, I always went for KISS as much as possible. Thus, instead of using ST to power Spells, I had Wizards use "mana" points until they ran out, when they could THEN use ST to power them. How did they get Mana Points? IQ = number of Mana Points available. Simple. (
Yeah, that's viable, and I remember using a version that worked something like it as well.

(Well, if SJ doesn't end up modifying it, I guess that will just keep these boards busy with TFT house rules, which will also be fun...)
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