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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Another odd thought...

I expect Steve might want fulfill his original vision of a high-budget boxed TFT set with good production values, cardboard heroes, tactical maps, etc. using Kickstarter...

I don't know whether or not expanding the TFT line with new material (e.g., new adventures, or a science fiction or post-apocalypse setup, or material for Cidri) would be sensible, but it would certainly be interesting...

I wonder if we might see a "GURPS Cidri" world setting - it would fit well with Infinite Worlds and due to its highly open ended nature, could even be a good "background world" for Dungeon Fantasy. And there were elements in Cidri that I always found interesting - in particular, the implied magical academy in Wizard intro fiction, the giant size of the world, and the multiversal background that recalled things like World of the Tiers and Dying Earth. Also, it had a few creatures that every game needs. Prootwaddles!
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