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Default Re: [RPM] Post your rituals here

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
Well, your conditionals by nature of being planned out all ahead of time, are usually not tweaked to the specifics of the situation, since you didn't know the specifics of the situation when you prepared them

So I have often (not very often, but definitely often) found that mages are able to use their 18 ER or whatnot to pull off a low powered but 'just what would help here' spell in combat time

So the potential existing for the case of 'I would like to pull off a second 18 ER spell after I have already exhausted my pool' might justify lugging around a potion with you . . . if you use it great, if you dont use it great, but the possibility of wanting to use it is there
Originally Posted by Langy View Post
The primary use I've found for combat-time 'actual casting of spells' has been for Blocking Spells, since they're almost required to use inborn energy. Though now that I think about it I've always assumed you could only gather energy once for a Blocking Spell; if you can roll multiple times it makes them much more viable on 'gathered' energy.

One of the most powerful advantages I can think of for RPM is the Gizmo advantage, to represent instantly-created, customized Charms suitable for the situation. They're really, really handy.
Blocking spells are my experience as well. As for Gizmos...yes. One of the players in my Awakening campaign (which is on hiatus) had a modified Path skill of 30 for ice/snow spells and purchased a bunch of gizmos only guessed it - ice/snow charms. He was brutal. He cooled a building that was on fire to save those under a couple of seconds. It was awesome and epic and suited the campaign, but damn did it make my jaw drop. Of course, we were using Foresight rather than the Basic Set's gizmos (same thing really in this case)
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