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Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Well, the majority of the figures use my "5 RPM energy = 1 FP" rule (it's morel like 4.3, but 5 feels betteR). I don't see that being a issue. Again, the problem I find is you're only going to need paut in a combat-type situation. Most other times you can just refill it with Path of Magic. And in most combat situations you are probably not actually casting a spell, you're likely using Conditionals or Charms or Potions or whatever. That in turn makes me wonder if you truly need a external refilling mechanism. Of course, if you let the rule for energy sticking around for up to 5 minutes be in use than it does become far more attractive. Hmmm.
The primary use I've found for combat-time 'actual casting of spells' has been for Blocking Spells, since they're almost required to use inborn energy. Though now that I think about it I've always assumed you could only gather energy once for a Blocking Spell; if you can roll multiple times it makes them much more viable on 'gathered' energy.

One of the most powerful advantages I can think of for RPM is the Gizmo advantage, to represent instantly-created, customized Charms suitable for the situation. They're really, really handy.
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