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Razhmok's Scroll is what that other game coniser's an artifact. Indestructible despite it's condition, and undetectable as magic.

It is a ditrry, torn piece of parchment with writing on it. In actual use, the person possessing it acquires a(nother) level of magery and caps do not apply against this level and knows all spells of [college of GM's choosing] as if 4 points were spent on them. This effect lasts for 2 hours continous time (No, you can't be a wizard for 20 minutes at 10 am and then become one for 50 minutes at 4 pm - start at ten, end at twelve) after which, the scroll must be left out in the sun for at least one hour to recharge.

Being out in the sun caused problems. It got thrown out by mistake and is somewhere in the rubble strewn about town.

Good luck.

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