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Default Re: Dwarven Governance & Economics?

And please don't derail this thread with an emotive and tangential discussion about what exactly entails socialism, which for me just means that it could result in a requisite thread lockdown. Having ventured over to General Chatter over the years, I know that some of us have strong fundamental views on politics. I also know that I disagree with a number of some of those views.

BUT, I also know that there are singularly intelligent folk within the forum hivemind, and even if I disagree with some of you impart, you all have something which I cannot provide for myself, namely a different point of view.

So... to use a couple of cricket analogies, can you all please play straight bat, not play the man, and enter into this discussion in the spirit of the game.

If you have issue with elements of that which I have suggested above, great. Please offer alternative models, social structures etc, which make sense for the trope which encompasses all that is covered by the term 'dwarven'. In actual fact, I would be overjoyed if we could come up with a number of differing and slightly incompatible structures. If there is one thing which I associate with dwarves, it is strongly held beliefs and arguments.
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