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Default Re: GURPS DF / DFRPG Random Dungeon Generator

I don't do dungeon crawls but I love a good procedural generation tool. This looks really good, I've been playing around with it for 20min now :) Good job!

How do GM typically handle fog of war in play? Do they just draw corridors on the go, as players progress, while referring to the complete printed dungeon behind their GM screen, or is there some more clever/less error prone way?

Also, it raised a vaguely unrelated question: 1-hex-wide corridors end up have alternating hex/2-hex-halves, and I although I've been playing with GURPS for a long time, I'm ashamed that I have no idea how the rules handle that? (common sense would indicate characters would just go forward and alternatively occupy overlapping hexes, but I don't know what RAW say?)
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