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Default Re: [MA] Hobby Skill: Feats of Strength

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Hmm. The description in Martial Arts made me think the opposite - that the skill's repertoire is maybe 25% related to raw ST used 'smartly', with the other 75% falling onto other attributes, but too few examples given (yet nonetheless examples including stuff totally unrelated to ST, which made the skill name somewhat misleading).
There are four examples, one for Will (coals), one DX (candle), and two ST (phone book, not flinching from a punch). All of which show off your "physical grit." That's 50% feats of strength that depend on knowledge and technique. If you get really picky, it lists 2 Will (coal, nails), one DX (candle), and four ST (phone book, lift with teeth, lift with body piecing, not flinch from punch). Possibly "not flinch" is Will. Even so, that's a lot less than 75% falling under non-ST attributes.

In general, though, it's a hobby skill. It represents knowledge and explicitly says it doesn't improve capabilities. You might know the trick to rolling up a frying pan or how to hold a nail to bend it without hurting your hands, but you still need to attributes to do it.

What else it covers is almost purely a GM call. Keep the above in mind - it's a hobby skill, it doesn't improve what you can do, and it's all about stunts that involve some physical grit and knowledge.
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