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Default Infninte Economy

I am beginning an Infinite Worlds campaign and am seeking some input for some (as yet) unaddressed issues with the setting.

How would the influx of raw materials and affect global economies? Since scarcity will be affected drastically when there are many worlds contributing to the resources available, what will remain valuable? How will businesses and governments compensate?

This applies not only to consumable resources (which should hold some value since they are of finite use) but also commodities whose value is based solely on rarity: precious metals, gems, art, etc.

The economy of Homeline in 2027 is going to be very different from ours, and I am having a tough time figuring out some of the details.

Some initial ideas are:

The parallels can provide:
∑ Raw materials
∑ Labor (illegal, but occasionally practiced)
∑ Technology: a few advanced parallels exist, but are closed or carefully monitored but Infinity to prevent revelation of The Secret.

The parallels canít provide:
∑ Information
∑ Technology Ė advances in parachronic technology (How tight is Infinityís control on the tech?)
∑ Energy: generation and distribution must be done on Homeline.
∑ Labor (legally)

What concepts of scarcity are still viable? Input from our economically inclined members is appreciated.
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