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Default Re: Do Melee and Wizard apply when ITL is silent?

The original question in the title, I think is clearly a matter for players/GM to choose. There is no hard rule on this that would apply to every case.

In the specific case, I personally would choose either the Wizard -4 or the Advanced Melee -6.

Originally Posted by Axly Suregrip View Post
Just in case you want further evidence: in the old Advanced Melee and in the old GM Screen it lists casting spells in HTH at -6 DX. And in Adv Melee there is an option for casting spell in the HTH options list. In the new ITL and GM screen there is no mention of casting while in HTH. So, it was intentionally removed from the options list and intentionally not added to the new screen.
My impression is that there was a choice made to use the Melee/Wizard version of the options list for style reasons, with the hope that a more prosaic version would be easier for new players to learn.

I don't think all the implied changes were intentional at all. I'd say most likely this is one case where unintentionally some details were left out.
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