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Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Assume that cultists planning a huge ceremony devoted to opening the way for a manifestation of endings, loss, futility, hopelessness and general nihilism need to quickly change over to an alternate site, where the local mana will be suitable, but which isn't too far for everyone to make it in time.
It's a shame the Jerry Maguire Pyramid isn't built yet (and is probably going to be in California rather than Texas), or I'd recommend that.
EDIT: Also, Alamogordo, New Mexico is just outside the 12 hour window, and that's where all the Atari consoles, peripherals, and games were buried in the video game crash of 1983. Plenty of endings, loss, futility, etc in all that, and I assume all the non-functional electronics wouldn't cause a problem.

More seriously, if it weren't so famous, the Alamo wouldn't be too bad of a location. Looking up haunted sites and the like in Texas, Indianola seems like a great candidate. It's a ghost town (incidentally, Texas apparently has a massive quantity of such, which may be useful for your purposes), not terribly far from Galveston (a land driving route says 3 hours, but you could go by sea if desired, hugging the southern coast). It used to be a booming port town - second largest in Texas - until it got hit by a massive hurricane in 1875. While nearly destroyed, it managed to rebuild from that... but then got hit by another massive hurricane in 1886, shortly followed by a fire, which put the final nail in the town's coffin. If I'm not mistaken, this roughly coincides with around the time magic stopped working in your setting's past, meaning the destruction may have been supernaturally significant in some way.
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