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Originally Posted by Sciencezam View Post
a 12 hour drive from galveston will get you most of texas, so you've got lots of options. There's probably some horrible plantation somewhere in that area.
Assume that cultists planning a huge ceremony devoted to opening the way for a manifestation of endings, loss, futility, hopelessness and general nihilism need to quickly change over to an alternate site, where the local mana will be suitable, but which isn't too far for everyone to make it in time.

Powerful magicians and supernatural entities generally don't play nice with modern technology, so most cult higher-ups aren't that fond of flying. Automobile engine computer chips, GPS navigation systems or fuel gauges might be unreliable around sorcerers and warlocks, but at least failures while in a car or aboard a ship don't all mean crashing into the ground at terminal veplocity or faster.

So, diverting a bunch of cultists, sorceresses, warlocks and wicked things somewhere else with less than two days to go requires that the back-up location be reasonably convenient to access. Either something within a short sailing distance from Galveston-Houston or something they can drive to fairly easily.

Of course, it may be that nothing sufficiently nasty and simultaneously magical exists close enough. Likely the most powerful magical sites within 24-36 hours travel (without flight) are somewhere within the 'Bermuda Triangle' Vile Vortex, but this cult doesn't have much influence there and there are likely local power groups claiming all the really cool Places of Power in the Caribbean.

Though, of course, most occultists, even ones that may be criminal and deal with dangerous entities, would probably not be eager to perform rituals in Places of Power aspected toward the death of hope, potentiality and the future. The Keepers of the Last Hearth might have cornered the market on crippling depression-aspected Mana.

Originally Posted by Sciencezam View Post
Texas didn't have big civil war battles, but it did have a POW camp. Which, being an 1860s POW camp, is probably pretty miserable.
Thanks, that's interesting. Even if I don't use it for this adventure, the panicked masssacre over incendiary matches sounds inspiring.
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