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Default Machine Guns Available to Kessler's People

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Does Penemue have any (concealed) weapons apart from small arms? Given the steady rise of the supernatural and the willingness of supernatural organisations to use large numbers of gunmen, I could see the yacht getting attacked by flying or swimming monsters, or boats or helicopters full of gunmen, when at sea.
It's a good question.

I imagine that Kessler owns .30 and .50 cal machine guns* on one of his Caribbean retreats, where the local authorities are extremely understanding.

Edit: At the suggestion of Kessler, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force bought twelve Ultimax 100 Mark 3 5.56x45mm SAWs in 2006, four of which are more or less permanently at the disposal of Kessler's people. In 2012, they bought four Mark 5 models for 'testing', two of which made their way to Kessler's people. In 2016, they obtained four more, Mark 8 models this time, with two of them available to Kessler's people.

The St. Lucian Police have also bought eight ST Kinetics made FN MAG 7.62x51mm GPMGs and four STK 50 MG .50 BMG machine guns, two of each are at the disposal of Kessler's people. These purchases were made in 2005-2016.

Until 2013, the RSLPF maintained a close partnership with US Armed Forces and was mostly armed with US-made weapons, some of which Kessler might obtain from a friendly Police Superintendant if the situation called for it.

On St. Lucia and Domincia, there are also some remnants of mercenary equipment from the 60s, 70s and the 80s available to Kessler, as well as some completely illegal Russian-made weapons acquired through arms dealer contacts, in fraudulent contracts with African end-user certificates.

However, I think that so far, Kessler hasn't moored in US waters with illegal hardware.

After all, what Raul and his sicarios did is not remotely how occult conspiracies generally behave. Drawing the attention of every law enforcement agency in the US like this seems extrmely counterproductive and only really makes sense if the people or entities who employ Raul no longer care about productive and profitable servants, carefully built networks of influence or any of the mundane financial and criminal assets their organization can call on.

No one could expect something so brazen and no one knows what it means. It's probably not good news, however.

*Acquired either through subverted local law enforcement or even less legal means, which would mean grey or black market purchases through Porcher, Boucher and Leclercq, most likely either used African materiel or, if newly manufactured, from Russian, Chinese or other less-than-careful-about-end-user-certificates companies.
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