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Default Skills for Magicians.

Originally Posted by the1weasel View Post
In the past, i've pondered a Expert or Specialization talent for Wizards which would allow them to pay 1 less ST to cast (for example) Expert Summoner, Expert Creator, Expert Illusionist, Missile Specialist or Control Specialist. ...
Hi the1Weasel, everyone.
On one hand this makes wizards more powerful, <sigh>, but on the other hand, I like the idea of wizards specializing. Serious fighting wizard tend to have similar mixes of spells. If these talents are expensive enough that wizards just don't get all of them, then you might see wizards with a LOT of thrown spells. Which makes a wider variety of wizards you come across, which is good.

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There are a lot of cool spells that people rarely take because of the high maintenance cost. This would make them more popular, and the 3(!) memory cost (mIQ), is a good price I think. I would certainly be thinking hard about losing 3 spells in order to get this talent. Nicely done.

Originally Posted by the1weasel View Post

I have a similar talent to your meditation. However, it is less powerful, it lets you recover 1 fST per 10 minutes, and there is no second level. I thought it would be more popular, but in practice few wizards want to spend the 2 mIQ to pick it up.

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