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Originally Posted by the1weasel View Post
In the past, i've pondered a Expert or Specialization talent for Wizards which would allow them to pay 1 less ST to cast (for example) Expert Summoner, Expert Creator, Expert Illusionist, Missile Specialist or Control Specialist.
As a possible alternative, why not "Expert XYZ" where "XYZ" is the type of spell being cast -- Missile, Thrown, Creation or Special? This would both tend to create something vaguely like those "schools" that some of us like (without actually bringing in all the extra rules that "schools" or "colleges" of magic require) and provide a bonus to people who want to specialize in that particular type of Spell.

The only real joker in the deck is the "special" category, which might be somewhat problematic, but if it is, then you could just ignore it and stick to the other "kinds" of spells...
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