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Default Re: Talents all cost 1 memory. Discuss?

Originally Posted by zot View Post
I wasn't talking about changing the price of talents. I was asking for clarification on how many talents a character could know. UC V would still cost 11 points, it would just count as 5 talents against the total.

How a character gets points to spend on talents is (potentially) a different matter.
Hi Zot, thanks for the clarification.


Well, first, I think it is clear that the new TFT will use experience (XP) to buy talents and spells. (Spells are always cheap costing 1, but talents can cost 1, 2 or 3 points.) So buying expensive talents (UC v), will be slower, but the number of memory slots (mIQ) will be reduced.

However, you can always get more XP, but mIQ is in VERY short supply. So I don't think this rule materially changes the arguments I have made above. That said, I like this better than the system I first thought you had suggested.

Warm regards, Rick.

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