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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy RPG All-Out Attack (Double) Question

Originally Posted by Torvsen View Post
As the guy, who was playing that character yesterday, let me explain:

It was All-Out Attack (Double) which gives two Attacks at full skill, leaving me defenseless.

I did two steps in the direction of the enemy and then made Rapid Strike, splitting the second Attack for 4 attacks (-18 each), using Flurry of Blows as per B357 (which makes the penalty -9 per attack), and my character has Weapon Master (additionally halving the penalty to -4)

So it makes 5 attacks, not 9

1st @ Full skill
2nd @ -4 to skill, -1 FP
3rd @ -4 to skill, -1 FP
4th @ -4 to skill, -1 FP
5th @ -4 to skill, -1 FP

No defenses allowed, -4FP in total.

Is this correct?
In "full" GURPS - yes, of course, everything od correct IMO.
In DFRPG - AFAIK no. If I'm bot wrong there is not "Extra Effort In Combat" in DFRPG, as well as aby other rules from outside DFRPG books.
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