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Default Re: Combining GURPS and Hackmaster combat system?

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
If you break turns down into fractional seconds, everything becomes tick-tick-tick in a way I suspect would become unplayable. How do you handle movement when a turn is a tenth of a second?
From my reading of Aces & Eights, not very well. I think GURPS has the right kind of compromise at this level of detail. Obviously all games abstract elements or compromise "realism" vs playability, but oddly Aces & Eights & Hackmaster end up with different weights even though they are fundamentally based on the same system. Aces and Eights stresses the "realism" of fractions of a second mattering in a gunfight, but then is barely playable when it comes to dealing with movement, while as I think Hackmaster is a more playable compromise, but then ends up with a rather unrealistic slow speed of combat (though this comes from trying to emphasise the "realism" of differing "speeds" of weapons).

Having read Hackmaster (5th/2nd Edition) I actually find the humour of the book... indicative of a lack of humour. The jokes came across to me as the kind of "It was only meant as a joke" humour, when someone is using it to cover the fact it isn't really a joke. The designers actually seem very invested in the system (which would not surprise me, as it started its life in Aces and Eights, which is not a parody game), and consequently seem quite defensive about it. Now, I could be misreading it, and that air I get is actually meant to be a joke in itself, and to be fair I can't think the d10,000 critical table in the Games Master Guide could be designed with any serious intention of using them in play.
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