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Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
He's determined to be awesome, isn't he? Shame he doesn't know how.
An inmate at an asylum for the criminally insane just pointed out how crazy O'Toole is. And she's right.

Granted, there is a bit of a double standard in play, in that Taylor has been walking Bell through what she's expected to do, using his expert Teaching and awesome Leadership to help her recollect defaults and Dabbler Perks at Guns, Soldier and Tactics, but just gave up on O'Toole as unreliable pretty quickly.

The thing is, though, even if Taylor had rolled a critical success at Leadership with a 16 MoS for O'Toole as he did with Bell, a bonus to Self-Control rolls and Soldier skill checks for following Taylor's plan wouldn't have helped O'Toole like it helped Bell. She actually rolled to resist her Mental Disadvantages and succeeded, because of the bonuses, but O'Toole's player was present and he never thought to roll anything, just barged ahead.

Eighteen years out of basic training, Bell's Soldier skill is actually lower than O'Toole's Professional Skill (Law Enforcement), which he could use to carry out a tactical plan for room-clearing. Even his Soldier skill is actually the same as hers, as he did basic training too, around 2009-2010. And his Dabbler-level Tactics (Police) is obviously better than her default Tactics.

I'll grant that her learned hyper-vigilance, gained from surviving a lot of years as as a powerless prisoner, means that she has better situational awareness than he does, which is pretty important in room clearing. But still, the main problem is that she is doing her best to follow a basic tactical plan and O'Toole appears to consider the very concept of a tactical plan anathema.

It's too [expletative]-ing bad that his mistakes never end up hurting him. Whoever passed him could have attacked him from surprise, but doesn't seem to have cared a whit for O'Toole. They are after other prey.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
How about this picture?
I'm pretty sure Tom Selleck has Handsome, not just Attractive. He has a very strong female following, at least, which argues for a greater reaction bonus for those attracted to males.

Dr. Anderson should be pleasant looking, even handsome in his way, but in a way that appeals equally to both sexes. Look trustworthy and approachable, friendly and warm. Alternatively, sophisticated and urbane would work too, as long as it is something that makes sense as +1 reaction bonus for everyone, added to the bonus for his Charisma and Status.

I've suggested Gary Oldman (solid and trustworthy) or Benedict Samuel (urbane and polished). The player has specified long, curly hair and a moustache, fairly tall and a slender build.

Dr. Michael Anderson has Attractive Appearance, Charisma 1, Status 1 and a very obscure positive reputation for his early research and an equally obscure negative reputation for rumours about their end. He also has very high Diplomacy and basic competence with other social engineering skills, such as Savoir-Faire (High Society), something Chase Taylor will probably never master.

The player proposed Blake Anderson, but in my capacity as fellow player, I declared that I would never accept this grooming atrocity as a 49-year-old Status 1 professional with Attractive Appearance. If the player wanted to look like this*, he'd have to take Quirks that ensured that buttoned-down professionals found it hard to take him seriously, at the very least.

*Which, with the effects Project Jade Serenity can have on the subjects' health and apparent lack of aging, is entirely possible.
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