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Default Re: Project Jade Serenity [Supers/Technothriller]

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
This is an incredible amount of work. I can't believe how slowly writing up session goes, compared to how quickly events progress in play.

We had an amazing session last night. I am officially so far behind events in my write-up that I feel like an ancient historian. And I shudder when I think about how many 10,000 character posts will be required to write-up the five hour session. Four scenes of character-establishing long talky-bits, two investigation and tracking scenes, three stealth and suspense scenes, one action scene, a planning scene, a medical drama scene and an interrogation scene.
One reason I wait for awhile before I do my write-ups is because it helps me filter down to the things that are really important. I include more detail than I originally intended, but I don't try to capture conversations, as you do.

That would make my session reports even larger, and they're already huge.
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