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Default Re: Project Jade Serenity [Supers/Technothriller]

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Reducing the level of detail on the talky-bits can help to speed things along.
You mean like the DCEU?

Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. Try the veal.

More seriously, the inter-personal relationships of the PCs and Cherry Bell, as well as various uses of Acting, Body Language, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Psychology (Applied) and Sex Appeal between the characters are probably of greater significance to the campaign than what happens in action scenes.

Well, barring death, crippling or imprisonment for violent crimes after the events, of course. But even then, two out of three PCs are seriously on the fence whether or not they want to try to flee from the handlers at Onyx Rain, becoming fugitives from the entire US federal government.* So the consequences of talky scenes can be just as dramatic as being shot or stabbed.

Chase Taylor's feelings for budding super-villainess and thinly-veiled Harley Quinn -expy Cherry Bell, herself obsessed with presumed arch-villain Raul Vargas, will probably drive his character arc. And the fact that Cherry Bell's powers have allowed her to intuit that Danny O'Toole believes himself to be the son of Raul Vargas is going to have dramatic consequences, though so far, we don't really know what kind of consequences.

So far, Dr. Anderson is less invested in any specific outcome than O'Toole and Taylor. He's extremely curious about Ms. Bell's abilities, however, and would greatly regret not getting a chance to meet more of his former test subjects from Project Jade Serenity, so he seems to be in favour of friendly relations with both Ms. Bell and our handlers at Onyx Rain, if it's possible to achieve such a thing.

*We're assuming that even if someone didn't commit serious crimes before running, Onyx Rain would not hesitate to lie to US agencies in order to ensure that a PC with superpowers who fled was caught or killed.

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Unless you are using a tape recorder and a speech recognition writing program.
Heh, no. Working off memory.

For the first three sessions, I recapped parts of them for O'Toole's player, as he missed parts of each session while putting his daughter to sleep, so I had partial notes of dialogue and events. For the rest, I'll have to get it down quickly, before I forget anything important.
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