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Default Re: Gear rich, money poor

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
What's "Effective Status" in this context? Han doesn't have much Status; Malcolm Reynolds even less.

I admit that I find the original Supers a little confusing, as it seems to confuse Status and Wealth. The given examples are a middle-class hero (Status 1) having a spare room, and a Status 8 individual a spare mansion. But these seem like examples of Wealth levels instead of Status. The two correlate in real life, but they're not identical.
Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
Expected standards of living are tied in to Status, not Wealth. Of course, if you've got Status 8 without some means of supporting the cost of living that goes with that, you're not going to be able to keep that spare mansion.

In modern societies it's typically very hard to disentangle the two.
The effective status for a headquarters is in no way connected to your actual wealth or social Status. It is only used to determine the size of headquarters, based on the table (on page B266). You do not have to pay the cost of living to maintain the status of your Headquarters (Supers p.85)
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