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Default Re: Z tactics against Military

For stupid zombie to stand a chance against the military stupid zombie must radically, radically outnumber the.

A very contagious disease with a tiggering event might do it. Doubly so if the 'incubation' stage is actually desirable. Example; a new STD is starting around called 'ironman'- if you have ironman you find yourself to have virtually unlimited endurance, increased strength, as well as resistance/immunity to other diseases and people will be PURPOSELY infecting themselves with it. Later it turns out that those with ironman during exceptionally strong solar flare activity turn into zombies. So suddenly you have a huge number of zombies, and likely a large number of them IN the military.

Guaranteed infection might do it too, ala the walking-dead, when you die, you become a zombie- pretty much no ifs ands or butts.

There is also nevernding infection- 'Kill' a zombie and its not really dead, it will regenerate and get back up at a later date, only absolute and total destruction will do it (this one relies on this not becoming immediately apparent so that 'torch and burn' does not become the standard method of dealing with the problem until it is too late).
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