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Q: Some weapons have no listed Rcl (Recoil), yet I need Rcl for use with Multi-Shot. How do I calculate it?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
For Multishot on low-tech weapons that lack Rcl, I'd use Rcl 1 for Bulk 0 to -2, Rcl 2 for Bulk -3 or -4, Rcl 3 for Bulk -5 or -6, and so on.
Q: Why do some single-shot (RoF 1) weapons have Rcl (Recoil) listed in the table? There are hints of them being useful for something, but I can't find any.
A: Imbuements can make a single-shot weapon magically (or equivalent) fire multiple shots. Some weapons can be made to exceed their RoF through Techniques (see High-Tech, Gun-Fu and Tactical Shooting). Some special rules for volley fire (e.g. Spaceships weapons) use Rcl.
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