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Default Re: Overkill on a Mozambique drill

Originally Posted by Ultraviolet View Post
Right. Supposing the guy at or below 0 HP chooses No Nothing and thus avoids having to roll HT gets attacked by an enemy after he made this choice.
Does this mean the dude can't try a Dodge? Because he would then have had to call another manoeuvre and thus roll HT?
Or does it mean that he *may* Dodge, but must make the HT roll before doing it?
If he wants to Dodge, he has to pass the HT check. His Dodge is halved due to being below 1/3 HP but he gets to choose: risk passing out in the vague hope of not being hit or just take it and hope to survive.
Ever seen someone just curl up in a ball and take a kicking? I guess that's the Do Nothing option.
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