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Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Hi all, Platiumus.
I've said this elsewhere but no harm adding it to the talent thread

-- Like CJM and Platiumus suggest, I REALLY like the idea of having at least 3 levels of talents for all the major things people can specialize in. Heroes really need some powerful, hard to get talents, that help them compete with high level wizards.

-- I think that talents are too expensive compared to spells. I think some rule change should be made to allow normal IQ figures to buy more talents. (If talents were cheaper, less people would be wanting to add rules for education and the like.)

-- David B. has argued well, that when ever possible we should avoid using high Attribute prerequisites for talents. (The next time I revise my talent list, I'll be toning down attribute requirements.)

-- How long it takes to learn talents may want to be looked at.

-- The terrible punishment for forgetting a study, needs to be toned down.

Warm regards, Rick.
Hi Rick,
I suggested none of these things. Please read my post again. It was fairly short so it shouldn't take too long. I'll quote it here so you don't have to scroll too far.
Rules remain the same at character creation time. If you've got IQ8, you get 8 points of Talents and the cost of those Talents remain the same as previously printed. After creation, additional Talents and Spells are acquired by speding EP. EP cost = IQ cost * 100 for Talents. EP cost = IQ level * 10 for Spells. IQ level requirements remain in play. That's it. That's all I would change.
Sincerely, Paul.
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