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Right. Let's apply some thinkery. We want service badges for the following.
  • The Empire
  • The Imperial Council
  • The Senate and its staff
  • The Imperial Office
  • The Imperial Navy
  • The Imperial Corps of Marines
  • The Colonial Office
  • The Home Office
  • Imperial Spaceways
  • Universal Imports
  • The Eichberger Foundation
  • The Eichberger Realty Corporation
  • The Independent Commission for Justice

All I have so far is this:

The Independent Commission for Justice
In a wreath of oak leaves proper, the figure of Justice gowned in white and blindfolded in black, holding in her right hand, point up, a square-tipped sword red with blood, and in her left a golden pair of scales.
in the insignia of investigators the badge a golden lion rampant as a supporter on either side
in the insignia of bailiffs the badge has a red lion rampant as a supporter on either side.

copyright Brett Evill
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