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I've just checked military pay scales for Australia and the USA.

In the Australian navy an E-2 rating who has been in the Navy for 2 years is paid A$45,035 per year base salary, with allowances that bring her pay up to A$69,937 per year while she serves at sea. Figuring the purchasing power of A$1 as US$0.91, that's about US$3,415 per month. In the US Navy an E-2 seaman who has been in the Navy for 2 years is paid US$1699.80 per month. Hostile fire or imminent danger allowance is available, but it's not more than US$225 per month. An RAN lieutenant with four years in the Navy and who serves at sea is paid A$95,769 per year, which is equivalent to US$7,262 per month. His USN counterpart gets US$4,692.90 per month plus allowances.

One reason that the US armed forces need warrant officers is that they don't pay enlisted members enough to retain anyone who has valuable skills. I don't know why Congress has decided to under-pay US service personnel by 50%; I suggest that you write to your congressman and ask him.

The Imperial Navy in FLAT BLACK is not like the USN and USCG. It has no jobs for semi-skilled hands, because robots and automatics do those; the only jobs it has are for professionals and highly-skilled tradesmen. It has no interest in building up a reserve of trained veterans in the general population for rapid mobilisation. It has no interest in producing a trained pool of semi-skilled workers for industry. The Imperial council has no political reason to want a lot of veterans in the civilian population and has no political fear of professional armed forces. It does not give its veterans GI benefits as an incentive to separate and it does not have an up-or-out policy.

That's the in-setting reason why I am not going to put US-style warrant officers into the Imperial Armed Forces.

I also have an out-of-setting reason, which is as follows.

I am Australian. Nearly all my face-to-face players are also Australian. To us, the kind of warrant officers that we have in the Australian, British, Canadian, Indian, Pakistani, South African, most Arabic, and Israeli armies seem like an inconspicuous international standard and they don't strike us as significant. But the kind of warrant officers that in all the world only the USA has seem distinctively American; we find them conspicuous; they would make FLAT BLACK give us an impression of "Yanks in space", which is not an impression that I want FLAT BLACK to give.

And that has to be my last word on the subject.

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