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Default Re: [RPM] Altered Traits

Originally Posted by momothefiddler View Post
See, I also misunderstood. I thought the point was that Strengthen Body could be used on its own for things that couldn't be done with Altered Traits. If Strengthen Body can apply Metabolism Control without Altered Traits, why can't it apply DR without Altered Traits?
See, here's the thing. Sometimes you can achieve effects only with Altered Traits - and that's cool. Sometimes you can achieve effects without Altered Traits - also cool. Then there are times when you can do both - here is where it is not cool. If you can achieve a desired spell by just using a Effect then adding a Altered Trait feels like paying for it twice. Usually this takes the form of something like Transmogrification where turning your enemy into a frog is way harder than it should be. The trick to adding Altered Traits is more about how the GM is perceiving your spell than anything else (other than the guidelines I posted). So if you think you (the GM) should add Altered Traits for something, then do so...but don't punish your players for coming up with inventive solutions.
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