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One of the main threats of the Karrnathi Necorlab is an Iron Dragon driven mad by a corrupted Dragonmark that appeared in the bowels of the lab (the dragon had originally come to the lab to witness the emergence of the Dragonmark, which had been forseen as part of the Draconic Prophecy).

The encounter with him takes place in a huge chamber used to store Karnnathi zombies in giant alchemical vats hung like pearls on a chain. Vylymax opens the encounter using his Sound spells to spook the guys, alternating between Silence, Thunderclap, Voice and Blackout.

Once the guys are suitably freaked out, Vylymax starts cutting the chains holding the vats, forcing the guys to make Perception checks to hear the sound of snapping chains followed by Dodge checks to dive out of the way (or take 2d6 cr). Once the vats hit the groud, a three hex mob of zombies spills out.

Once this gets boring (or once the guys get too banged up), Vylymax flies down to engage them.

Mad Iron Dragon

ST 20 HP 25 Basic Lift 80 Ground Move 10
DX 11 Will 11 Damage 2d-1/3d+2 Water Move 2
IQ 14 Per 13 Basic Speed 5 Fly Move 20
HT 13 FP 20 Basic Move 10

Claw: Attack 16, Parry 12 Reach C,1, Damage: Thrust 2d6-1 cut
Two Claws: Attack 14, Reach C,1, Damage: Thrust 2d6-1 cut each
Bite: Attack 16, Reach C,1,2, Damage: Thrust 2d6-2 cut
Tail Sweep: Attack 16, Reach 2, Damage: 2d6+1 cr
Wing Buffett: Damage: 2d6 knockback only, cone range 5, width 5
Lightning Breath (Jet): Attack 16, Acc 3, Range 50/100, 2d6 lightning (target makes HT roll at -1 per 2 HP suffered or stunned, make HT roll each turn thereafter to recover; Metal armor only grants DR 1 against this; costs 2 FP).
Lightning Breath (Cone): Attack 16, Range 8, Width 4, 1d6 lightning (target makes HT roll at -1 per 2 HP suffered or stunned, make HT roll each turn thereafter to recover; Metal armor only grants DR 1 against this, costs 2 FP).

Iron Scales: DR 4
Dodge 11, Parry 12

Social Background
Cultural Familiarities: Argonnessen (Native).
Languages: Common (Native), Draconic (Native).

Combat Reflexes (+6 on all IQ rolls to wake up or recover from surprise), Dark Vision, DR 4, Extra Attack, Extra Legs (Four Legs), Flight, Lightning Breath (Jet and Cone), Magery 3, Metabolism Control 2, Nictating Membrane 2, Sharp Claws, Sharp Teeth, SM +1, Tail Sweep, Unaging, Wing Buffet.

Horizontal, No Fine Manipulators, Social Stigma (Monster)

Skills & Techniques
Brawling 16, Innate Attack (Lightning Breath) 16, Stealth 15, Dual Claw 14

Blackout 20, Hush 20, Noise 20, Silence 20, Thunderclap 20, Voice 20
Kevin B. Madison

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