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Sorry 4 my English -- I'm from far-far North Bear Country

Since we (the Russian Munchkin Resort League) mixed cards into three large decks of cards from most games and add-ons - we also have a few house rules that slightly increase the interaction between cards. Here are some of them:

1. Wonder Dog Ralph, Adventure Animal, Robodog and Wonder Dog Bismarck - any two of these four cards allow you to collect a Pack of Dogs loitering nearby.

Dog Pack (initial strength +3) - a pack of dogs runs around you, which increases by +1 for each Dog thrown towards them. Scares any Feline.

A tame wolf, although from a canine, but not smart enough to create a Pack.

The whole pack is carried away to the Open Space.

2. The Cat can use the "Rat on a Stick" treasure on itself, according to the rules of the Get Level card. Yes, this level can be victorious!

3. Knight of the Order of the Eagle and Knight of the Underworld. Knights cannot refuse to help a lady if the Dragon attacks her (even if it is a battle for the winning level. But you can always say that I am not a Knight, but then you will not be understood in your own faction - leave her).

4. Voodoo curses do not work on Voodoo zombies. And those played by the Voodoo zombies themselves have a doubled effect.
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