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Default Re: Base and other property

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post
Why not role-play it? Have them own it like people do in real life.
Because there are minor in game effects.

Eventually somewhere on the level "and we don't have pay weekly upkeep" combined with "great place to store our labs/libraries/smithy/etc" and the ever popular (at least with me) "no more Guild politics"*.

But right now is on the level of "Have a place to sleep" even if it isn't reducing that cost at the moment (in fact... it might be slightly higher due to repair costs, though it hasn't been long enough to see how that shakes out) and "immediate, exclusive access to the 'easiest/uppermost levels' of the megadungeon" (which is something my Character will fight to retain). I mean... that one is rather available to everyone who can get into the sewers, but our access is under our control and available anytime we want it and not under anyone else's supervision.

* Not that this has ever been a problem for me, or my Characters, but it has reared it's ugly head a few times for others.
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