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Part of the reason I used Base is because I could not find another way to replicate a gift of ownership that wasn't specifically wealth. They didn't buy it, it isn't a room in a tavern, and it also isnt an apartment building; it is a run down set of two story single family row houses ( with a total of two rooms and a loft space and a root cellar that ties in to a common basement used by the whole block (or what is left of it)that was used for traskh pickup when that service was available. (The space above the underground common area was a green patch used as kitchen gardens by the same community) The houses are in bad shape and the idea was that they could be upgraded with expenditure of points and cash; it is more in line of Signature gear: tenament block than it is Batcave. The deed is not likely to be rescinded, no one can steal the place(although it could be robbed) and while the buildings could be burned, they keep the land and underground access.
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