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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Role isn't just how capital-F Famous or popular a vessel is, it's how many connections it has with the real world. Sure you could be a billionaire who has no real contact with anyone but your faithful manservant and your lawyer/accountant who manages your affairs. But, those affairs include dozens of business holdings that employ thousands of people, who interect with even more people on your behalf. Your name is plastered all over various legal documents, maybe your picture's in an employee handbook. Maybe customers refuse to buy Brand X as long as your product is out there. Without any direct interaction, your high level role is influencing thousands of people, even if it doesn't have an active social life as most people understand it. Heck, even to have that reclusive independently wealthy billionaire, his name and info is out there somewhere...on purchase papers for his multi-million dollar mansion, his private jet, his bank's hard to hide a billion dollars iunder your bed.

Now, take "Scary Dude who lives in 4B." Gnash doen't really care about the role; he's obsessed with winning the lottery and so directs all his attention to doing that. He finally does and when he goes to collect his winnings, they ask for a name, driver's license, birth certificate, etc...all things Gnash never bothered with for his low-level (possibly non-existent) role. So all that money sits unclaimed until Gnash can come up with documents proving he's "John Smith" or whatever name he gives. Once he does, maybe his picture is in the paper, his name's all over the place ("Local Man Wins Lottery!"), people are popping out of the woodwork trying claiming to be long-lost relatives or asking for donation s to their charities. In short, "John" becomes a lot more real to a lot more people. Sounds like if Gnash wants to benefit from his winnings, he'd better buy up that role, a fair enough request from the GM.

It's tough for me to picture a high status, low role combo, since even the lottery quick win would require cementing that role to claim the cash.
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