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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen
Actually, this is impossible. To have a given Status attached to a Role, you have to have a Role level at least that high. See the In Nomine core book rules for Roles.
Then the rules are wrong, or at least inflexible. I can see the justification: To BE a millionaire, one must have strong relationships, at least with your accountant and tax lawyer.

That said, what about a low role who "won" the lottery? Obviously, the designers hadn't encompassed such a situation? Does he suddenly get a huge boost in role and status? Nonsense! He is just as "real" to the Symphony then before he got a stack of twenties as tall as he was.

Now, because of press, his role is probably bumped up one or two. "Hey, did you here about the guy in town who won the lottery?" "Yeah, what WAS his name?"

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