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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

A Role does not take every hour of the day, but it takes some effort to maintain. Roles come in levels from Role/1 to Role/6. A Role/1 only requires a few hours' work every few days. A Role that involves a regular day job, such as policeman, will probably be a Role/3 at least. This is more useful to the angel, but it requires more work. The angel must show up every day on time, do his job, and stay connected to his human co-workers. He can still adventure in his off-hours or on vacations. He can also try to get assigned to police investigations that match his celestial duties. A major league baseball player may have a Role/5 or /6, and be very famous, and have almost no time for adventuring.

If he is going to be doing world travel, he either needs a Role that will allow him to do this, such as being a private charter pilot, or an independently wealthy man, or a migrant laborer.

When a celestial goes to Heaven or Hell, nothing happens to the memories or identity papers that are left behind. Assuming he left where he couldn't be seen, he can be there and back in a few hours with none of his human friends even knowing he was gone. They don't automatically get a sense that the celestial is "missing" from the world, just because he leaves.

I hope this helped.
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