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Default Re: [Zombies] my Ultimate Zombie-Fighters game

I overdid it... none of my players chose the Gunslinger advantage, none use firearms as their primary weapons. Still, I hope to be able to test out my idea and will continue to develop it.

Another question has popped up though. We've had one test-session so far in which I sent 40 zombies the PCs way. Most were of the default b-movie walker kind. I threw in runners and jumpers to mix things up - but this meant that in the first few turns the only zombies able to reach the UZFs were the runners and the jumpers. Naturally, they dispatched of them quickly, as there were only four targets to attack. The danger from the horde was the much bigger one, exemplified in one event as a UZF strolled too far from the group and got gang-grappled by 11 walkers and bitten by several before his teammates were able to save him. Great stuff!

I think combat would have been even more challenging if I didn't send in all of the special zombies at once. I think letting them manifest their special powers at a later time would be better. This would also make for a good use of the Hidden Lore (Zombie) skill which would (Modified for horde size, use the RoF table and inverse the bonus to a penalty) let the heroes identify special zombies. You detect one for a success and an additional one per MoS.

Exampe: If the horde was 40 strong and had 4 special zombies, the UZF would have to use a concentrate maneuveur, roll vs. his Hidden Lore (Zombies) Skill -5. If the MoS is 3, he identifies all the special zombies. Failure does nothing, critical failure prevents the group to try again this combat.

Another thing I would like to pick your brains on is a mechanic to determine how many special zombies there are per combat.

I am also looking for zombie apocalypse random encounter tables. If you know of any that you would find suitable to my campaign, could you please let me know?



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