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Default Storming the Castle - Scenario Bk 2 - question.

Hi all,

I'm keen to host a large multiplayer game of OGRE using a scenario with specific victory conditions. I've got the KS version with all the extra forces released.

I like the look of Storming the Castle and I have a few questions for those that have planned or, or even designed it!

1- is there a reason why trucks/hover trucks aren't allowed? The standard unit rules state that GEVs are allowed and the variant force rules (which I will use) state that units with a Mv value of 2 are allowed.
Would trucks/hover trucks carrying troops with Mv of 1 "break" the game?

2- how long does it take per player? For e.g. I might have 4-6 players and I'm hoping it wouldn't last longer than a day to play casually, i.e. 4-6 hrs or so).

3- any advice or feedback from experience. Such as things to avoid, sticky rules conflicts, changes to the scenario?

Thanks in advance!

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