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Originally Posted by Gef View Post
...when the secret breaks...How would you proceed to spin a tale out of this chaos?
The question, "How would humanity react if aliens actually showed up on the Earth," has been asked countless times. The general consensus would be - a certain percentage do A, a certain percentage do B, C, D, etc. The variables are usually - suicide, worship them, kill them, etc.

I would imagine similar reactions among humans if "fantasy beings" and "magic" suddenly appeared. Few humans could cope, few governments could cope, and you're essentially looking at the beginning of The End in an After The End situation, assuming the stabilization isn't really permanent, because I don't see how it could be in this setup - if illumination spread via evidence once before, it should continue spreading. So, the getting from The End to The After is where any game lies here.

From the viewpoint of the Norm, a massive percentage of the population has contracted some sort of "mass hysteria virus," and would likely treat Abnorms like plague victims - because who knows if this is catching? And who wants to be around so many (obviously) crazy people? Governments would attempt to round up the Abnorms and segregate them from the Norms to make them feel safe again. Governments also seek to secretly take advantage of the Abnorms, if any actual power can be proven across that barrier (but the way you describe it, that seems impossible without then creating a new Abnorm.)

From the viewpoint of the Abnorms, you get the "aliens" scenario described above - certain percentages react in certain ways, however, you also then get the element of being treated as insane and undesirable from your fellow human beings.
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