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Default Re: Alternatives to Lecherousness

I haven't read the other conversation. I think Lecherousness touches on some behavior that has only become really reprehensible in the last decade or so, after the advantage was written. It won't agree with current thinking.

When I think of Lecherousness, I think of a character like Julian Bashir in the first couple of seasons of Deep Space Nine. He hit on every attractive woman he saw, and continued to do so even after being rejected. His behavior wasn't truly awful, just unwanted, even though nowadays it would definitely qualify as sexual harassment. We most often see him making passes at Dax, so he doesn't avoid hitting on women he sees constantly. He does harass the Dabo girls at Quark's, but that's what they were hired for, so they let him do it.

Lecherousness also doesn't specify what you have to do with your conquest if you succeed. The disadvantage is just "an unusually strong desire for romance." That could mean you just really, really like taking people out to dinner and getting all goo-goo-eyed, but you never go any farther. That part is up to the tastes of the lecher and the date.

Part of repeat offenses is also the self-control number: if your number is 15 and you've been strongly rejected (the GM gives you a bonus to resist), you'll probably never try to hit on that person again, just by the numbers. But a self-control roll is only used when you need to resist your normal tendency; even with a high self-control roll you will still voluntarily act with Lecherousness a lot (and the GM should decline to give you your usual role-playing character-point bonus if you don't). You'll always roll to resist the ones whom you know you shouldn't try for.
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