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Default Re: Alternate Take On Magery Advantage

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
They're kinda equivalent. If the missile spell is doing impaling damage (the the arrows crushing), then yeah, totes equivalence.
Yeah, and the ROF of a high tech pistol also makes them dangerous.
Lets look at missile spells.
Concussion ACC 1; 1/2d 20; 1d (cr)/2 FP - explosion, HT-3 in 10y to avoid stunning.
Stone Missile ACC 2; 1/2d 40; 1d+1 (cr)/FP.
Fireball ACC 1; 1/2d 25; 1d (burn)/FP.
Explosive Fireball ACC 1; 1/2d 25; 1d (burn)/ 2 FP - explosion,
Sunbolt ACC 2; 1/2d 75; 1d-1 (Impaling)/FP. Can Blind, immune to Reverse Missiles.
Ice Sphere ACC 2; 1/2d 40; 1d (cr)/FP.
Ice Dagger ACC 3; 1/2d 30; 1d-1 (Impaling)/FP.
Acid Ball ACC 1; 1/2d 20; 1d (acid)/FP. I'm calling acid damage corrosion here.
Lightning ACC 3; 1/2 50; 1d-1 (burn)/1 FP -Surge, metal Armor special, HT-1 per 2 HP or stun.
Explosive Lightning A CC 3; 1/2 50; 1d-1 (burn)/2 FP -Surge, metal Armor special, HT-1 per 2 HP or stun.
Ball of Lightning Guided missile with Move = Skill/5 1d-1 (burn)/ 2 FP - explosion.

IMO the classic fireball really is not the most effective missile spell but we have a lot of variety here and though range is shorter than arrows, Sunbolt is pretty good at long distance.
Compared to High Tech options or cinematic options damage and range is more clearly weaker but still worth doing. Mages in the classic system tend to be more effective and versatile at short range over long range sniping. Since that is the niche of the Scout I'm ok with it,
Though if you do want to compete with the Scout get Compartmentalized Mind (No mental separation) to let you cast then throw in same turn and focus on a single spell.
Maybe get Telescopic Vision for the aiming bonus. Your ROF will be lower but you can hit for 1 to 3 dice damage each time.
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